Thursday, 16 April 2015

Why you should use Pisi Linux because Pisi Linux is ...

Why you should use Pisi Linux, because Pisi Linux is ... 

...Free Software

The license do not restrict you from using, distributing or
developing Pisi Linux. The license is designed to guarantee your freedom.


You can install and use Pisi Linux in much languages (Turkish, English, German, Dutch and more) without a

...No Viruses

It won't be a nightmare to surf the Internet. You won't be
infected by a virus and won't loose your work. Don't you think it's
great too?

...Fast Installation

You'll be ready and working on your system in 30 minutes of
installation. After the installation you'll have all needed software
(office suite, browser, IM, and so) ready and configured for your needs.

...Easy to Use

It's easy to use Pisi Linux with it's intuitive graphical user
interfaces, menus and icons. You don't need to be a computer expert or
need to take a course to use Pisi Linux.


You'll have all the needed software by default with the Pisi Linux DVD and after the Installation from the Repository.

... Easy to Personalize

You can personalize your system freely as you like. The limit is
your imagination.

... Open

You can get and change the Pisi Linux source code, for developing a new
distribution. You can see all the internals by looking at the source code.

... Multi-User

Every one who using Pisi Linux can choose to run the system according to
his or her needs.

... Fun

Kaptan for Desktop Settings, PiSi and ÇOMAR and many more. Pisi Linux is really fun
to use and develop also.