Sunday, 2 November 2014

Published Pisi Linux 1.1

Published Pisi Linux 1.1

Pardus then uncertainty after the project ended in January 2012 it was decided to continue on its path with the project's technical infrastructure changes. I refers to a connection after I finish this sentence in normal circumstances but I do not believe even want to search for links in this Pardus-related issues in the depths of the Internet.  And many people like me because I was very disappointed in that process was broken and did not want to even hear the name of Pardus know that those who still feel that way.

2012 Year of the uncertainty in passing some Pardus lovers to another distribution, some "new" if Pardus transition Translation remaining mass up from the situation to see my work Pardus' I will continue to use then like Pardus very few if a claim appeared with "packages update We will keep "working to keep up to date packages Pardus-specific PiSi early 2013, COMAR, Yale was evolved to use to create a new distribution technologies such as CAPTAIN.

This new distribution has also been used Pardus 2011.2 version of the incubation distribution and after a while began to be heard heartbeats like a fetus in the same womb like Pardus years ago that the successor of the original Pardus like to use it as Gentoo incubation distribution.
New Distribution Title Pisi Linux

A GNU / Linux distribution is the most important feature that separates from the others that is undoubtedly use package management system.Pardus is the most important feature of the original course was therefore PiSi its own package management system unlike any other Linux distribution became the new distribution of the name Pisi Linux.

Studies were carried out on GitHub with a limited number of packagers efforts. He passed versions of the packages were removed to-date review, Pardus new packages were added to the entered error system based on the new package requests, Yale updated content, Pisi needs taking into account the additions were made. Troublesome and the first stable release in August last year after a long study, which was published Pisi Linux 1.0.

October 29, 2014 that the Republic by 91 days for the first interim version of updated packages Anniversary 300 Mb 1.1 was released late Pisi Linux quietly. pisilinux! u forming this devoted team continues to work just as they did two years unobtrusively quiet ...

Last two years;

1- They update the kitty packs are abandoned to its fate.

2- bought new packages to the repository.

3- They bring about a new distribution.

4- Kitty They add new features.

5- Pisi Linux laid the foundations of the Community. For this purpose the project page , Website , Forum ,Bug Tracking System , Help Channel 's they have implemented.

This type of blog post are generally "active" support calls are written in order that I had written a few articles like this before. But this time it is not.

This time I am writing you to say that as an end user use only dry, work on Pisi Linux is for evaluation purposes only. the Pisi Linux version 1.1 download and use to set aside your prejudices. If you think that you can not also remove a look if your job. Pisi Linux who have come to this level now expect to see the value that you use only and deserve.

You have removed Linux distributions have set up many times before, you can come on once again!


Pisi Linux     1.1 KDE           10/29/2014        Pisi Linux 1.1 - KDE

Pisi Linux     1.0 KDE            14/8/2014         Pisi Linux 1.0 - KDE
                                                                     md5sum     sha1sum

Pisi Linux     1.0 LXDE          14/8/2014         Pisi Linux 1.0 - LXDE
                                                                     md5sum     sha1sum

Pisi Linux     1.0 XFCE           14/8/2014        Pisi Linux 1.0 - XFCE
                                                                     md5sum     sha1sum

Pisi Linux     1.0 Minimal       14/8/2014        Pisi Linux 1.0 - Minimal
                                                                     md5sum     sha1sum