Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pisi Linux 1.1 Announcement

Pisi Linux 1.1

Pisi Linux has continued its activities after 1.0 we reached our second stable version 1.1, . This version resulting from intensive studies; strong, stable, comfortable to use, safe and so fast.

The strength of the structure to prevent damage to your system uses hardware safely to the end. Also in this release, along with many innovations were offered to us.

Some of Innovation:

Linux kernel: 3.17.1

KDE: 4.14.2

Mate: 1.8.0

Firefox: 32.03


GIMP: 2.8.10

Calligra: 2.8.5

Clementine: 1.2.3

Qt: 4.8.6

glibc: 2.20

binutils: 2.24

coreutils: 8.22

What and how to do it as you can get support to bring your language question to the Pisi Linux Forum,

Pisi Linux What is the answer to your questions For that can u use the Pisi Linux Wiki (wiki),

What make your Bugs on Bug Tracking (link) by means we can pass on.

You can download it here and use the Safely

We wish ... Anka-Team