Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tor Browser in Pisi Linux

Will you use Tor in Pisi Linux 

Make it very simple
Download Tor from here:

Note that you Download the 64bit version of Tor and change the Lang when
when you not use English as your favorite Language.

Then unpack the tar.gz and put the Folder in a Place of your choice ( i have create a Folder named bin for those Files)

Then make a right click on the Menu>Editing menu entries  and create a new Menu entry,  
Note that you must give the command in click on the Folder Icon go to your folder where Tor is and click on start-tor-browser.

after that forget  not to save the entry then you can close it.
When you have done this click on the Menu > go to where you have create your entry > click on tor and it runs:

This tip comes from Pisi Linux World Forum User didi, didi is a user in the German Subforum