Tuesday, 26 August 2014

RSSOwl now for Pisi Linux

RSSOwl in Pisi Linux

RSSOwl is now available in Pisi Linux

What is RSSOwl?
RSSOwl is a news aggregator for RSS and Atom News feeds. It is written in Java, and is built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform which uses SWT as a widget toolkit to allow it to fit in with the look and feel of different operating systems while remaining cross-platform. Released under the Eclipse Public License, RSSOwl is free software.

In addition to its full text searches, saved searches, notifications and filters, RSSOwl v2.1 synchronized with the now discontinued Google Reader.(source:Wikipedia RSSOwl)

you can install it in Pisi Linux as follow:

Open a Terminal and give in:

 sudo pisi bi  

or download the Package from here: