Monday, 18 August 2014

Pisi Linux Release Notes

Hi to all
The most of you knowing that Pisi Linux 1.0 has arrived us.
I will give you any Information about the new Release from and about Pisi Linux
It was the Wish from any Users.

Pisi Linux is a 'rolling-release' GNU/Linux operating system.
It was created as a successor to the PiSi-based Pardus Linux, after it was declared End Of Life in 2012.

You can read more here:

The very fine components in Pisi Linux are:

COMAR (COnfigurationMAnageR), designed to facilitate the integration and co-existence of software

MUDUR, designed to streamline the boot process.

PISI (Packages Installed Successfully, as Intended), is Turkish for kitty and was the name given to the custom packaging system developed for Pardus Linux.

YALI (Yet Another Linux Installer), the custom installer.

KAPTAN, is Turkish for captain and is the desktop greeter, which start at the first start. It allows a user to change the settings.

With the publishing from Pisi Linux 1.0 you have 4 ISO'S with different Desktops
Pisi Linux 1.0 KDE (Default Desktop)
Pisi Linux 1.0 LXDE
Pisi Linux 1.0 XFCE
and Pisi Linux 1.0 Minimal (it has no Desktop alone the System Components and any Tools as example the Networkmanager to connecting the NET)

The Highlights in Pisi Linux 1.0 are the following:
Linux Kernel: 3.15.6
KDE: 4.13.2
Mate: 1.8.0
Mozilla Firefox: 30.0
GIMP: 2.8.10
Calligra Suite: 2.8.3
Clementine: 1.2.3
Qt: 4.8.6
glibc: 2.98
binutils: 2.24
coreutils: 8.22

The System Requirements:
64-bit processor
At least 2 GB memory and 12 GB disk space
It is recomended to create swap space for Pisi Linux (can be done during installation)

Pisi Linux currently exists only in 64bit form. However, 32bit packages are included for applications such as
Skype and Steam. Codecs for playing audio and video files are also included.

There are over 6000 packages in our repositories, with more added all the time.
Pisi Linux is translated to 14 languages: Turkish, English, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Hungarian,
Italian, Croatian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil). Translation to other languages is on-going.

We hope you enjoy using Pisi Linux. Thank you.

The Anka Team