Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pisi Linux 1.0 now available

Dear Linux friends,

Pisi Linux, born new from the ashes.Pisi Linux stable version  is now for download available.

This is the result of a dedicated effort:

- Clean and immaculate work; because we refuse to use certain technologies, we will reject,
We will not use questionable packages.

- Fast, very fast operating system; moreover, do not damage the equipment when you
have a configuration.

- Stable, and even quite a stable distribution; frequently than to format

We hope you'll get rid of, we aim.

- Powerful but elegant work; stitch by stitch touched, were prepared.

- Hmmm, if they did targets, for all distros? So dear to us

Of course it is. Our every move, our every move towards this. Yes, yes, quite a few were able to also.
A little bit of "Let the dust" as ...
Yeah, pretty nice, very nice work, nice yes, despite missing one of ...
Get better!

"The next version, 1.1, 2.0 .. will be arrived when? .." That is a good question!

But it was a good idea when you will step in and help us when you ask:
- "What can I do for pisilinux?"
- "I know how to fix this error, how Etsen you?"
- "Farm to build servers have something to do, if I know where to go?"
etc. ...

We need more Personal and institutional support for Pisi Linux, you are more than welcome to help us with our work!

With Love and respect and Thanks for be Patient

Anka Team

You can download it here:

We wish you much fun with the New Pisi Linux 1.0