Tuesday, 26 August 2014

NumlockX for Pisi Linux

NumlockX in Pisi Linux

Missing you NumlockX at the start from Pisi Linux?

Here a little Description how you can activate it

To the first Download the NumlockX Pisi Package from here:

as next click on the package and install it ( yes it work with one click on the package)

Then open Dolphin go to


There found you a file named kdmrc open this file with Administrator rights (without Admin rights could you not write the file)

Go to the section where you see:


Right after that line (not before or at the end) write:


save the file.

After it open System-Settings>Input-Device>Keyboard>Hardware>

Numlock on KDE Startup
and set a hook by Turn on

after this Reboot Pisi Linux

and you will see after the reboot on the Login Screen have you a active number block.