Friday, 29 August 2014

atunes for Pisi Linux

Now available for Pisi Linux

What are atunes?

aTunes is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform player and manager, with support for online radios, podcasts and CD ripping.


  • Support for huge music collections with thousands of files
  • Supports most popular formats: mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4...
  • Allows tag edition, with advanced features for automatically fill tags properly and batch editing
  • Supports several playlists, allowing playlists with thousands of songs
  • Allows to organize collection by metadata (artist, album, year, genre, ...) or folder
  • Support for external devices to copy or synchronize music
  • Supports podcasts
  • Supports online radios
  • scrobbling integrated
  • Downloads all information about your music: lyrics, artist information, similar artists, links to Youtube...
  • Keep statistics about what you listen to
  • Import audio CD to mp3, ogg and include automatically in your collection
  • Customizable UI
  • Full-screen mode     
You can Install it in Pisi Linux as follow:
Open a Terminal and give in:

sudo pisi bi 
or you can download the ready package from here:
atunes Pisi Package