Friday, 23 May 2014

Pisi Linux new Software

Hi to all here three new Softwarepackages for Pisi Linux
as first:

Knowthelist the awesome party music player

Quick search for tracks in collection
Two players with separate playlists
Mixer with fader, 3 channel EQ and gain
Auto fader and auto gain
Trackanalyser search for song start/end and gain setting
Auto DJ function with multiple filters for random play
Monitor player for pre listen tracks (via 2nd sound card e.g. USB)
Runs under Linux, MacOS and Windows

You can install it as follow

Open a Terminal and type
sudo pisi bi

as the second:
Media Downloader:

Mediadownloader is an opensource software that lets you search, watch and download items with Google Image and YouTube. It grabs video streams while browsing with firefox (only linux). Videos can be converted automatically using ffmpeg.

You can install it as follow:

Open a Terminal and type

sudo pisi bi

and as the last:
An advanced fractal generation program, which draws the Mandelbrot and Julia sets and infinitely many more, including Fractint, UltraFractal and your own custom formulas. True color rendering, antialiasing, unlimited undo, and a quick and easy interf

and this one can you install as above

Open a Terminal and type

sudo pisi bi

and here the screenshots of the Software: