Thursday, 9 January 2014

What is Kaptan?

So here i will tell you a little bit about Kaptan from Pisi Linux.

What is Kaptan?

Kaptan is the Pisi Linux workspace configuration wizard. Kaptan lets you configure your workspace on the first login, it starts automatically.

1. Kaptan will helps you to personalize your Pisi Linux workspace easily and quickly. Please click next in order to begin.

2. The clicking behaviour defines how many times you want to click when you are opening a file.If you are left handed, you may prefer to swap the left and right buttons of your pointing device.

3.Choose your favorite Theme and Desktop type. Customize Pisi Linux with colourful Styles and Themes.

4.You can also customize your KDE Menu as you like. Please choose one from the following Styles.

5.Choose your favorite Wallpaper for Pisi Linux. Don't forget to check out Desktop Settings for Downloading new and cool Wallpapers.

6.This screen helps you to set your user picture. You can either choose an Image from a File or you can capture an Image from your Camera. Select an Option from the Options menu.

7. To install and remove Programs to Pisi Linux, use the Package-Manager also can automatically install updates available. You can set the period for checking new updates.

8. Smolt is a tool that collects the information from Hardware in the following table and sends it to us for wich lets us improve Pisi Linux according to the user profile statistics.

 9. You have successfully finished all steps. Here is a summary of the settings you want to apply. Click Apply Settings to save them now. You are now ready to enjoy Pisi Linux.

So that was all, you have personalize your Pisi Linux System and now you can enjoy it.


You can always start Kaptan again and choose a other layout you found Kaptan in


Have fun with Pisi Linux

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