Wednesday, 6 November 2013

First Impression

Hi to all

My Name is groni, i'm since a Time a Member from PisiLinux.
I will give you here in this Blog in a Video a Impression at PisiLinux.
My Impression was wow a very good stable system with KDE as Desktop.
It runs fast and all settings what i make with KDE goes very good.
You should now think what speak this German User there.
But i think since i have  installed PisiLinux make the work with Linux a lot of Joy.
You say now KDE needs a lot of Ressources, yes it is true but my PC with 2GB of Ram and a 320GB Hard Drive and a old Motherboard with a 1 core Processor from
AMD (Model unknown) runs with this System very good no Problems.

When you will try it you can download it here:

PisiLinux Download 

And when you need a helping hand go to the Forum on this Page:

PisiLinux World Forum 

and it give much more take a look on this side there found you for all the links:

PisiLinux Community side

and we can always need helping Hands, when you are will help us, please you are always Welcome and you work with very friendly Developers.
give a notice when you will help.
Contact us here on Google+,  on the IRC or in the Forum.
All User are Welcome languages are no Problem.

So take a look at the Video and see who it looks.