Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What is a Pisi Package

What is a Pisi Package 
Hi Guys !

SolusOS use in the future Pisi Packages.

Here i will try to give you a Description what a Pisi Package is, and what it involves.

The different is in the first line the Size from the Package.

The mplayer as Pisi Package is 5 MB big
As deb Package is the mplayer 15,5 MB big
and as Rpm Package is the mplayer 19,8 MB big

To the first you have with Package with the Description from the Software such as example here the mplayer (with the versions number),
then see you solus2 (that say you the package is build for SolusOS 2),
then see you the Architecture (here i686) and as ending (.pisi the Package Format).

When you unpack a Pisi Package you found a folder with the same Name as the Package.

When you open the Folder you found three things





That are the involved and very Important things to install the Package.

The files.xml.

The files.xml contains locations, types, sizes and sha1sums of all files in the package.


 The metadata.xml:

The metadata.xml contains general information like package name, homepage, packager, etc.


<Name>Stefan Gronewold (groni)</Name>


The install.tar.xz:

The install.tar.xz contains compressed files which will be installed under the system.


Such as here for the mplayer the first folder is usr.
The next when you go in the usr folder you found 3 folders here in the example the folders bin (binary for the mplayer so this go to the system in /usr/bin.
Then the Folder lib (that are the library's for the mplayer they going in the system to /usr/lib.
And as Last you found the folder share (it goes in the installed sytem to /usr/share).


The Folder share contains more than one folder here in the example from the mplayer we found a folder doc, man and a folder mplayer.

The folder doc contains the documentation, the AUTHORS(who has work on the Software), the ChangeLog(what was changed on the new and the last releases, the LICENSES(under wich License is the Software build) and at the last the README(a overview and what must i done when i will make configure it).
The description here is variable it is in each Software different.

Then found you in the folder share a folder man.
This is a man Page there found you a lot of information over the software.


.\" Macro definitions
.\" --------------------------------------------------------------------------
.\" define indentation for suboptions
.nr SS 5
.\" add new suboption
.de IPs
.IP "\\$1" \n(SS

This is a little bit what is write in the man Page.

As last folder found you in the share Folder, a folder with the Name of the Software.
So as here mplayer in this folder found you .conf Files or other Files.


So that was all what i can tell you about the Pisi Package.

Before you have a Pisi Package you must create a pspec.xml and a
No worries it is not so hard as you mean.

Each User who will help us to build Pisi Packages is much Welcome, User gazza has write a good Tutorial how you can build Pisi Packages.

And let not hang your Head when it not works at the first Time, i have take a little Time before i could create a Pisi Package.

But here a Example for a pspec.xml

The pspec.xml:

The pspec.xml file provides information about the software being packaged.





The file includes the scripts in order to build the package.



Quick Start and reference guides for SolusOS 2 Contributors

That was all.

The Tutorial from gazza found you here:

Quick Start and reference guides for SolusOS 2 Contributors

I wish you happy Package Building and when you have a Question please ask us.

We are one Family and Nobody is Perfect.